KK Truck Store Single Axle Dolly Articulated Draw Bar (NO AXLES NO WHEELS)

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1 axle trailer dolly chassis. 

This nice looking dolly will be perfect addition to your truck! 

Made from Stainless steel + few 3D printed parts

We decide to offer all dollys without wheels.

Everyone can choose between supersingles or double wheels! 

You can choose between fixed or articulated drawbar. Both have few mountig points - you can easily adjust to your truck. 


After purchase you will get: 

- Heavy dolly frame set

- our air suspension for all axles

- drawbar (please choose fixed or articulated drawbar) 

- simply metal/3Dprinted 5th wheel 

- 3D printed fenders. 


You need to buy separately: 

- Axles (standard popular 140mm axles for super singles, or 120mm for doubles) 

- Rims and tires - you choice, doubles or supersingles :)