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Bedrock RC

GT Power Truck Lighting-Voice-Vibration System PRO

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  • G.T.Power Container truck light & voice vibration system pro set.

    This is a powerful lighting and voice vibration system for 4wd Tamiya RC Tractor Truck from G.T.Power that delivers an abundance of sound effects such as start-up, idling, brake and etc. It features Bluetooth connection so that all function can be set via Smart phone APP. ESC is integrated in this system so you don't need the external ESC and supports most of Lithium batteries in the market. The system comes with speaker, LED lights and vibration motor and brings you to enjoy another aspect of RC truck driving experience.

    • Built-in ESC, sound, vibration and light effects
    • No need extra ESC, full sound, lights, vibration effects, brings you a brand new playing experience.
    • Sound effects: 24 Actions
    • Electrical effects: 9 Actions
    • Special Operations: 5 Action

    With APP, easy to operate
    • Cellphone wireless Bluetooth connection, You can set all functions by download APP(App Store and Google Play), including modes, light effects, ESC mode, sound effects.

    Contains 24 kinds of simulated sound effects
    • Sound effects such as start-up, idling, acceleration, decompression, brake, reverse, dangerous signal, shifting, whistling, etc.

    Many kinds of modes to be selected
    • You can free to select Simulated Mode, ESC mode, Manual mode.

    Support battery types
    • Suit for all Lipo batteries, voltage between 7-14V, 2-3 cells. No need to worry about lithium battery burn out, or insufficient power supply for servo. Compatible with NiMh, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, LiHV and pb.

    • Operating voltage range: DC7-14V
    • Maximum working current for each light pack: 30mA
    • Speaker:
    • Inner resistance: 4?
    • Power: >5w
    • Remote controller: More than 4 channels
    • ESC current: Max. 30A
    • Control board size: 102.5x67x15.3mm
    • Total weight: 570g