Lesu PC360 1/14 Scale Excavator

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LesuThis is a great mid sized excavator to add to your fleet of equipment or if you want to build a kit. This machine is a kit it is not for a beginner and will require a lot of patience, time  , and the correct tools to assemble. (We offer assembly at our shop rate and cost of painting.) This machine will require drilling cleaning and knowledge of hydraulics. We are here to help and feel free to email us any questions.


Specifications and Information:
Unassembled and unpainted Kit
Built from the following materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum alloy, Brass
Net Weight: 37.5lbs (17KG)

Steering Motor Specifics:
Rated Power: 7.4V-12V
Nominal Power: 5W
No-load RMP: 45r/min
Moderating Ratio: 1:264
Motor Torque: 10KG/CM
Peak Load: 30KG/CM

Track Drives
No-load RMP: 86r/min
Voltage: 7.4-12V
Moderating Ratio: 1:139
Motor Torque: 5Kg.cm
Peak Load: 8-15Kg.cm
Remember always dig on your idler wheel side

Hydraulic Pump:
KV: X-2804-900KV
Voltage: 7.4-12V
Max Power: 570W
Rated Pressure: 8MPA
Flow Capacity: 400ml/min

 The Package Includes:
1 unassembled LESU 1/14 PC360 Excavator Unassembled Body Parts

You will need to purchase the following items:
Battery (link)
Light System (link)
Sound System (link)
Remote (link)
Hydraulic Fluid (Purchase from your local auto parts store)