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KKtrucks Liftable Axles Setup Without Axle

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KK Trucks axle NON Driven  with bellows can be used as a trailer axle or a non driven semi axle. 

You will receive the following parts: 

  • 2x dummy air bellows (spring powered)
  • 2x arms with supports
  • Needed screws. 
  • Axle


CHECK VIDEO! (3D version)

This suspension are perfect for trailer axle. Fit to 8mm shaft included.

Air bellows details: 

Total height uncompressed: 35mm

Total height full compressed: 25mm


  • With Lifting parts (servo mount, connection part, and spring shock). 

When You choose lifted version - spring strength will not be taken into account.


This product is intended for people over 14 years of age.