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Kabolite K966 Wheel Loader Fully Hydraulic 1/16th Scale

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The Kabolite K966 is an awesome wheel loader for starting out, and its price point gets you into the groove of owning a hydraulic machine. It has enough weight and power to have all the fun you want in all kinds of dirt. This machine is full metal and includes everything you need to get the ball rolling as soon as you receive the package. You will need to purchase hydraulic fluid from a local auto parts store, they cannot ship with fluid in them.

Specifications and other information:
4 wheel drive
It has a 2 gear transmission (switchable by remote control)
Limited slip differential (switch on / off via remote control)
Fully hydraulic, lift, bucket and steering
Light functions
6000MAH Battery 7.4V (DO NOT PUT A 11.7v battery in machine)

Weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)
Dimensions: L 23.75in x W 7.5in x H 9.05in (60cm x 19cm x 23cm)
The Huina K966 is delivered ready-to-run including a 10-channel Flysky transmitter in a sturdy hard storage case.