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Bedrock RC Frameless End Dump 1/14 Trailer

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This frameless end dump is built mimicking a 1:1 trailer. This end dump includes a high lift gate so it will dump large rocks and materials. This trailer includes everything you need to take it out of the box and start moving large amounts of material.  It will hold quite a bit of material and will weigh quite a bit. Its recommended that you add walker beams to your suspension of your semi, we make these in house as well. It also maybe a wise idea to add locking rear axles if you will be pulling it through loose dirt.

Walking beams can be purchased here:

-The lift gate is ran by two linear actuators these are electric and will include the esc for these.
-The bed lifting ram is hydraulic and will include all components such as a pump, ESC, and cylinder. (If your truck already has hydraulics let us know and we can just include the ram)
-The trailer includes manual landing gear, if you would prefer electric or hydraulic please let us know and we can make that happen for an upcharge.

These trailers are powder coated not spray painted or car painted. if you would like it without paint please let us know. If you have a color you are interested in other then black we can do that color for an extra charge. you can look through colors at these two websites:
 Powder Coating Powder, Colors & Supplies | Prismatic Powders
Powder Coatings » Cardinal Paint