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1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator 360L

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1/14 RC 360L V2 Remote Control Hydraulic Excavator 

The best excavator for your money - built like a tank with minimal problems.


Zinc alloy and aluminum alloy (except hydraulic pump)

8-Channel 2.4GHz Custom Radio

Pre-installed high intensity light sockets (excluding wires and bulbs)

Optimized steel hydraulic system

Digital proportional drive scale (not included)

Zinc Alloy Cast Iron Rail (50mm wide)

Efficient landing gear

Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump

Heavy-duty hose (nylon outer diameter 4.5mm, inner diameter 2.5mm)

Landing gear can rotate 360 degree (endless)

Powder coated yellow and gray

Large scale brushless system (including driving and turning)

60A brushless ESC hydraulic system, 30A brushless ESC drive and rotation system

270Kv brushless monster torque motor, 3.0mm shaft diameter

XT60 female socket

Operating time: 20 minutes (based on 4200mAh, 11.1V battery)

Machined steel oil pump (60mm x 60mm x 93mm)

Digging force: 15 kg / 33 lb

Maximum lifting force: 70Kg / 154lbs

Movement speed: 360 meters per hour

Ratio: 1:14

Length: 823mm / 32.4inch

Width: 234 mm / 9.21 inch

Height: 260 mm / 10.2 inch

Working oil pressure: 2.5Mpa

Interior Cab Length: 4.72 inch / 120mm

Interior Cab Width: 2.55 inch / 65 mm

Interior Cab Height: 4.21 inch / 107 mm

Weight: 26 kg / 57 lbs